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information Legal statement

Thank you for visiting the ATECH website (this website for short). Before using this website, please read the following terms and conditions which include the rights and obligations of users in this website. Please note that access and / or use of the site (such as copying, reproduced in any information, etc.) means that you accept the terms of the use of the. If you do not accept the terms of use, please immediately stop using the site and promptly remove, destroy all copies of the content on this site contains.

In the context of the user to comply with the terms of the use, the ATECH granted the user about the site's limited, non transferable, non exclusive, irrevocable, non commercial use of personal use only. In any case, the content and services of this website (including, but not limited to the user's identity information, such as user name, etc.) are only permitted by the user's personal use and shall not be sold or transferred. ATECH reserves all rights not specifically granted to the use of the present use.

All information provided by this website can only be used as a source of information for visitors. It should not be considered as a legal opinion that we should bear any responsibility. We do not assume any form of responsibility for the reader to use the information of the site itself and the business decisions, personal decisions, and other decisions made directly or indirectly.

The information provided by this website may have the form of public and non public release, we do not guarantee that there is no difference between the other information, but this does not mean that it is discriminatory treatment in the quality, nature and the extent of our responsibility.

For visitors through the site to provide links or information on other sites, such as the introduction, we do not have the legitimacy, authenticity, validity, integrity and accuracy of any nature of the guarantee, we do not assume any form of responsibility.

ATECH has the right to change the terms of the use of the terms of the use if necessary without prior notice to the user. Once a change occurs, ATECH will try to update the site as soon as possible. If the user does not agree with the contents of the changes, it can automatically stop using this website. If the user continues to use this website, it is deemed to accept the revised terms of use.

The interpretation and enforcement of the terms of this website shall be applicable to the law of the people's Republic of China. The terms of use and any additional terms that are currently published in this website, which constitute a full agreement between ATECH and the user regarding the use of this website. If the contents of the agreement are not consistent with the mandatory provisions of the applicable law, the mandatory law shall prevail. Any disputes arising from the performance of the agreement shall be settled through consultation by both parties, and any party may bring a suit to the local court of jurisdiction

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